July 17th, 2010 by Christian Seebode

This post with the story of Bill Claxton a patient suffering from a rare neuroendocrine cancer called carcinoid is amazing. It shows how a patient claims a patient centered approach and achieves to succeed. Success is owed to

  1. developing a surgical plan, and
  2. assembling a multidisciplinary medical teamdreamstime_14043550

all done by himself. This is an outstanding case. Average patient may not have the same motivation and literacy skills that are necessary to drive this procedure. But isn’t that exactly the goal? Patient Centered Technology should support the above uses cases and the necessary knowledge.  Assembling knowledge is just as individual as the treament in Bill’s case.  And it requires openness.  To me the same success would not have been possible with limited communication. Aquiring knowledge requires open unrestricted communication. This is part of the cure.


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