February 13th, 2010
Christian Seebode

A recent discussion in the Health Care Blog caught my attention: http://www.thehealthcareblog.com/the_health_care_blog/2010/02/by-matthew-holt—-the-not-huge-world-of-health-20-participatory-medicine-and—epatients-has-been-fretting-itself-about.html I support Mathtew’s view: So I’m bemused by Darthmed’s demand that “Health 2.0 – prove yourself quickly or step aside” Health 2.0 is part of a much larger societal process, and it ain’t going anywhere while there are sick people and while technology […]

August 6th, 2009
Christian Seebode

Patient Centered IT blogs and discusses (and hopes to make sense of) some of the topics and concepts that are related to the use of information technology in patient centered care and healthcare delivery in general. But why another term ?  Are Health 2.0 and eHealth or Telemedicine or something not enough ?  They are.  […]