December 27th, 2017
Christian Seebode

In part one we learned about the requirements and the need to build a Patient Centered Infrastructure. In part two we learned about the Patient Centered Process. This article explains the need for profile information in the Patient Centered Process. Profile Information as explained in the previous article references all the necessary actions to collect […]

April 14th, 2013
Christian Seebode

The following study contains some promising results http://www.jmir.org/2013/3/e65/ Patients with full EHR seem to be encouraged to particpate more in healthcare delivery. The EHR access triggers some behaviour to improve health literacy and active participation to cope with and handle zhe information contained in EHR. This is all in line with the concepts of the […]

March 31st, 2012
Christian Seebode

I pretty much agree with the general message behind this post http://journals.lww.com/academicmedicine/Fulltext/2012/04000/Commentary___Lost_in_Translation__How_Electronic.8.aspx especially i would subscribe EHRs and other forms of health information technology hold the promise of enabling users to provide more effective, more efficient, more coordinated, and safer care My concern however is another. Since Healthcare in general runs a bit behind in […]

November 3rd, 2009
Christian Seebode

In The Healthcare Blog DAVID C. KIBBE opens the case for widespread EHR adoption. http://www.thehealthcareblog.com/the_health_care_blog/2009/11/back-to-basics-toward-a-core-set-of-relevant-and-portable-personal-health-information.html This excellent claim receives my full support. Anyway David considers the difficulty to have medical data available everywhere … No, the reason why we as citizens lack routine access to even the most basic summary of our personal health information, […]