October 11th, 2012 by Christian Seebode

Rethinking the process how modern healthcare was founded by social welfare actions somehow opened my mind ybout the fact that participation is a central issue in well being. Healthcare delivery is based on moden technology and science for a number of reasons at least in the western societies. It is proven that this is a succesful path. However not alwas the most effective. On the other hand the revolution to establish a healthier society was that healthcare systems were based on some kind of risk sharing or insurance system. This is all about money, because in the end illness and treament costs money. But the core of these systems are participations between the people involved. I am pretty dreamstime_xs_23050411convinced that modern healthcare is too often reduced to function below optimum due to the fact that a patient is treated as an individual and isolated case. This is reasonabel but leads also to a misconception that social interaction and/or community building is not perceived as an effective tool in healthcare delivery. This article mentions the aspect of marketing


In the discussion of their results, the researchers advocated a social marketing approach as a “potential ‘win-win’ situation for both older adults and society. EC demonstrates how marketing principles could be used to guide future health policy initiatives based on older adult national and community service.”

I think it is worth to rethink healthcare delivery as a social interaction among and between enabled communities. Patient Centered doesn’t mean isolated but in the center of attention of a participating crowd. The tools are just about to be invented

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