May 13th, 2010 by Christian Seebode

In her post on Susannah Fox gives a couple of data about the relationship of patients and their willingness to use the internet to communicate. 2061329074_e5719728af
Her central point

However, the internet does not replace doctors, nurses, and other health professionals.  93% of people living with chronic disease turn to a health professional for medical advice. The internet is a supplement. The internet is changing people’s relationship to information, which affects their relationship with health professionals, but we need to move past this notion that doctors should fear the internet’s influence any more than we need to fear the telephone.  This is evolution.

aligns with my earlier citations that patients are indeed prone to more self-diclosure in web scenarios.

Part of the people is willing to search and give help via Patient Centered IT services over the internet. However lots of applications are still missing or are of bad quality. Patients that behave like customers are just right to particpate in collecting requirements. Internet services gives the ability to inspect & adapt healthcare practice. If there’s a privacy problem we can fix it. If we don’t try we never will know that there is a problem.

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